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Ed Ashby
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wTk wrote: I have been asked to shoot a buffalo for a friend. They are planning to butcher it and in the past they have had trouble with the police for shooting a gun to put them down. The pens are at the edge of the city limits so they wanted to know if I would use my bow to kill it. I know this isn’t a hunt but before accepting their offer I want to be sure I can make a clean kill. I’d be using 28 1/2″ carbons with a 200 gr internal footing and a 150 gr magnus 1 with a 100 gr steel insert. This gives me a FOC of over 30% and an arrow weight of 675gr. I’d be shooting that out of my 55# longbow. So do you think that is an acceptable setup.

If your arrow flight is well tuned and the broadhead truly sharp you are good to go! I’d recommend you ‘Tanto tip’ the Magnus I. The factory profile ‘needle tip’ bends pretty easily; should you hit a rib dead center or with a glancing impact. Bison (as opposed to true buffalo) have ‘open ribs’ (spaces between the ribs), and the ribs do not overlap as they do in members of the true buffalo family, and the ribs themselves are significantly thinner than those of an Asian or Cape buffalo.

Looking forward to hearing how well your setup performs on bison!