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David Petersen
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Bert wrote: Hey, George- Sounds great out here in the rainy PNW!- Is it a rendition of ‘I Got the EFOC Blues’ by C. Shaft and the Woodies?!!! I mean, this being a trad bowsite and all.
Keep pickin’-Bert

Bert is right! Next time, hang a bow and a quiver of arrows on the wall behind you and look lovingly at it as you play! 😆 And of course, only traditional tunes, which I think by now “Me and Bobby McGee” qualifies as. 😀 I squandered 5 years of effort and income trying to learn to play guitar, back in the ’70s, before finally admitting the obvious: I have no talent. Today, I find the Native American flute far more suited to my skills. And better yet, my wife points out, with a flute in my mouth I can’t sing. :roll::lol: dave