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George Tsoukalas wrote: You could wrap it with art. sinew, B 50, serving material or something similar. In order for a 58 in board bow to survive a 28 in draw even if backed it must be straight grained tip with no run outs and your tiller has to be picture perfect. My guess is the root cause of the splinter is poor grain with run outs. You can’t replace wood on the back of the bow. The repair that Dean wrote about was to fix the belly after it chrysalled if I remember correctly. Jawge

I will give the artificial sinew a try. I plan to glue it, clamp it and wrap it and glue it again… We’ll see… It was an uncommonly perfect straight grained board, tillered slow and careful, and it turned out to be really fast. I know now that I was asking a lot of that board for a bow that length. I am living and learning. I took your advice on the sapling issue and am about to complete a long bow from a 2″ diameter pecan sapling that is coming along great. Thanks George.