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I have seen many different patterns, even know a guy that has shot several deer in blue jeans and a white T shirt, the deer around here are afraid of camo, but will come to the sound of a chain saw.

They have learned what a “predator” look and sounds (or doesn’t, if they are being sneaky) like.

I try to match colors, because I have known a few colorblind people, and different shades of the same color, are different than different colors, and “color blind” does not mean “Black and white” it merely means that they do not see color like we do.

I beleive that camo is more effective in the psycological point, that if the hunter has the confidence, it makes all the difference.

If he is worried about his clothing, he is not “hunting” at full capacity.

It is like a “Lucky Hat”, not important, but could be the little touch that makes the difference.