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The book is The Earth is Enough, Harry Middleton, 1989.

David Petersen wrote: The key word in the title of this thread’s question is “necessary.” And the ONLY answer to that is NO!

I’m with G. Fred on the cargo pockets–to me, pants without cargo pockets ain’t hunting pants. And we don’t like them for style, but because everything you can put in a pocket is something you don’t have to put in a pack, and it’s handy as can be. Same for hunting shirts– they MUST have two button-down chest pockets, one for binocs, the other for calls.

This thread keeps reminding me of a chapter in a great, perhaps the greatest, book about fly fishing in the South. Of course I can’t recall its title or the author, but it was about a young boy who went to live with two “old maid” uncle brothers who lived to hunt and fish. There was an obnoxious braggart turkey hunter neighbor everyone was fed up with, so they spread a rumor that the best turkey camo was a Santa suit. Sure enough, next thing you know the fool was hunting turkey in a Santa suit. The power of advertising. 😛