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William Warren
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All ash is not created equal. The species in my neck of the woods will break on you quite unexpectedly if selfbow building. But it makes some tough arrows. I made my arrows by ripping some 3/8″ square stock and then making them round with one of the those shaft planes made by John Strunk if I remember correctly. It is alot of work but this white ash works fairly easily.

The ashe up north is a different variety but I have heard even that type has its limitations. Also read on a primitive page that only trees growing on the north side of a ridge should be cut for bow wood. In winter of course when the sap is down. It did not seem to matter with the southern variety. I knew that stave was carving way too easy. I was promptly bopped on top of my head when that bow broke after about 10 shots. After that I backed them to keep that from happening again but they still broke. So I went back to my hickory.