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Steve Sr.
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Interesting to me that the two deer I HAVE shot through the shoulder blade with a bow and the 90 or so Ive butchered all died…….and quickly. (Ps that’s not counting anything but archery shots) BTW? BOTH of mine got lungs AND arteries. All I know about the others from customers that hit the shoulder is that they went down fast, short blood trail and no second shot was needed accept for a few HIGH ones that hit spine too.

No one can say “its a bad shot” if it penetrates and kills the deer and no one can say “there isnt anything behind the shoulder blade” on ALL angles, one behind the shoulder isnt ALWAYS lethal either, it depends on the angle.

“there is s a difference between a bad shot and a bad hit”. If the arrow DOES penetrate and kill the deer….it is then neither, but that said, I would rarely aim AT the shoulder but also would not PASS UP one close with a set up made to do so.

A BAD SHOT is a non-lethal one. Because some don’t feel shooting a shoulder blade is acceptable in their world……fine. Saying it is therefore a BAD SHOT they not paying attention to the information available to them now and not paying attention to other people’s posts.

They have had this in their heads for years and are incapable of comprehending that an arrow that DOES CONSISTANTLY GO THROUGH BONE…….and shot into the shoulder produces a dead deer….NOW.

As I posted earlier……..go look. ALL information on “not hitting the shoulder blade” online, in books, etc etc……is followed by “because penetration is limited there”.

[b]NOT because “there are no vitals there”.[/b]
I personally will stick with whatever IS GOING TO send an arrow through the vitals……regardless.

As for light bows, Ive a buddy that has shot through BOTH shoulder blades…..with a 43 lb recurve (dead in less than 40 yards)

There obviously EXISTS a combination that WILL pass through scapulas or leg bones, spines etc etc, even with a “light” bow. I personally will be shooting a heavier bow the remainder of this season, but because I have found cold fingers and a light bow isn’t a good combination for me and my release (on fast shots).

The Ashby Report has consistantly shown bone penetration results to be possible and in my case, I have simply not yet decided (and tested myself) the one I will settle on.

As expected, SOME replies here are opinions without backed up experience. That is also fine since we are here to share information with each other, but keep this fact in mind when reading, dear reader.

I just wish to point out that penetrated shoulder blades on this site, in this forum, are not all that RARE nor were they “non lethal” aka “bad” hits. THOSE posted were and are not “opinions”, they are cold hard fact.

Ill stick with those that have seen it, done it, and what worked doing so.

We can discuss this into the ground, post all the “diagrams” we want. What has happened and DOES happen in the real world has shown me that it is not only possible……it worked so well that I WILL be able to do so, and soon.

God Bless
Steve Sr.