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Arne Moe
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“Having never shot traditional archery equipment and regarding the well tuned bow and arrow setup brings me to this question.”

If you are just getting into trad archery, do not get too wrapped up with the details yet. We often get the cart before the horse. Get arrows that are “in the ball park” for spine and weight and then learn to shoot them. Keep at it until you can shoot acceptable groups (acceptable to you)and DO NOT WORRY about hitting a specific target just go for good groups. Once you have the groups, then and only then is the time to start trying to fine tune your equipment.

When you are starting out, trying to get an EFOC or heavy weight arrow will drive you crazy because you can not determine if the place the arrow is hitting is caused by a form element or an equipment element. Get those groups first with whatever reasonably spined and balanced arrows you have then you will have a foundation to experiment with the “other” stuff. FWIW.