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Your accomplishments under such circumstances is impressive indeed. Hunting here in Montana is pretty liberal, with longer seasons, and, for most areas, not as many regulations as other states seem to have. In answer to your question, what is a 3d range, it is a series of 3 dimensional targets mimicking deer, elk and other animals set up in (typically) realistic hunting situations. It is extremely good practice for the hunting archer, as well as a blast for anybody that just wants to shoot. Depending on the people that set up the target course, shots may range anywhere from 10 or 15 yards out to 30+ yards. And yes, a rendezvous is a gathering of people of similar interests. Trappers in U.S. history held rendezvous in order to sell the furs that they spent the previous years’ time trapping. 3-d shoots are similar to these rendezvous in that archers come from all over to compete for score as well as play various archery games, etc. and buy, sell or trade items that they have. Good luck setting yourself up with a hunting bow. And again, congratulations on all you’ve already accomplished with little or no archery-related resources.