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Hi, Ariel, welcome to this site. I have been eavesdropping and gaining a valuable insight into your archery endeavours. I’m from Canada – Ontario to be exact. Traditional and primitive archery exists here but it is considered a bit of an oddity, unfortunately. There are sign it may be picking up but, if it is, it is happening very slowly.
Hunting seasons via the bow are very liberal in my part of the world, particularly, the whitetail deer. Moose, bear, turkeys, small game, wildfowl seasons exist in most zones within this Province.
You will gain very good advice from this forum, the site and Traditional Bowhunter – the paper copy and the e-mag. My neighbours to the South in USA deserve all the credit for fighting the good battle to keep archery and bowhunting alive. If your Country can be influenced in any way to encourage bowhunting in the future, chances are it will be influenced by the efforts within USA.
After a way too many years to admit, this bowhunting is still a learning experience and always will be. You have already surpassed many individuals here with your knowledge of making points and your equipment – knapping. and as you mentioned that certainly will come in handy.
Is it difficult to send bowhunting material, magazines, books, etc. to your location?