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thank you frank & killdeer , for replying and making me feel welcomed.

being perfectly honest ,i have no idea what is the draw weight of my bows ,the first one i made is from olive (and is named “little tiger” ) and is a small bow ,though very strong, about 1.5 meters ,from a single peice of wood.
the secound is about 1.75 meters and is from “pacific Yew” that i gathered in oregon, also a single peice of wood.
(she is called “haste”). both are made as traditional native american livebow,being from one peice of wood and worked with the ringes of the tree.
she was very strong and gracful, but to my pain did not survive being in a plane’s belly .
i peactice shooting on a bail of hey with arrows with flint heads and simple practice arrows.

in Israel there is no hunting season of any kind.
probably becouse there is not suficient game to allow it, and the fact that there is no game is due to over hunting from English and turkish reign .

but if one would, he could hunt rabit ,rock hyrax, wild boar, deer & wild goat(though rare and protected.)as well as some reptiles.

ironicaly, finding this web site and witnessing a live community of people that share this wonderful passion, has made me feel much more at ease, and i feel much less anxious about finding teaching ,for if there is a community to support i can learn by myself and be supported by the community when i choose .

trying to be an archer in israel is a little like being a potter in antarctica. 🙂

whould love to hear more from any of you, as for how is it like to practice this in your surroundings!

i would love to know how does one mesure the draw weight??
and are bow seasones seperet for specific game?

good medecine to all.