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David Petersen
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Doc, you are a genius! Not only in a technical sense but also, as your ATA experience shows, in the world of education/salesmanship (that is, you are selling the truth). I just wish you’d have put out an alert about needing a driver to the show. You’d have been inundated with offers including mine. Why didn’t they fly you there? I can’t imagine making such a grueling trip and presentation after all you’ve been through physically in the past months, geeze. But you seem to thrive on it. Also this morning I received a great little story and several great photos from Kingwouldbe demonstrating the amazing performance of some test-built KME Grizzly El Grandes on a couple of the biggest boars I’ve ever seen. David really knows how to document his kills, as well as how to hunt! Shawn at Grizzly has 200-grain El Grandes now available via 3Rivers, without the previous bothersome incomplete overlap between sides, but apparently still only in right wing. As usual in winter nobody can get in touch with Shawn. Do you have any updates for us on the details of this new Grizzly, STOS or other long-promised Ashby-style heads? WELCOME BACK! 😀 Dave