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10-4 on that. I still have problems with my left hand that got tore up 3 yrs. by a broken deer antler on the deer I worked so feverishly and so late to get out because of the very reason, coyotes.

I was far from my truck, I knew where he was but I also new if I waited til daylight to fetch him the coyotes would eat him.

It wasn’t quite the same deal as yours, I had him but I was 1 1/2 miles from my truck and that’s far for a 200#? dead haul (104# of butchered meat so big enough deer. Too big for ‘yote midnight snack).:roll:

Decided though the next time if it happens I’ll get help. Or I’ll hunt that part of the world in the morning. That was a long trip with a gaping wound.