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Steve Graf wrote:

One question I might ask myself is : is 35 yards too long a shot? A lot can happen in the time it takes an arrow to go 35 yards even assuming the arrow was flying to the intended mark.

I have made 35 yard and even 40 yard shots on game before and never lost any. I also make 30 and 40 yard shots in practice very consistantly. So I do not know, maybe I hit a twig I didn’t see and it deflected my arrow, or maybe I just made a really bad shot and I thought I made a good shot. I just do not know. All I know is I have a deer out there with one of my arrows in it and I feel terrible about not recovering that animal. I hope it was just a superficial wound and he will be ok. I really do. I will be looking for him on my Trail Cameras, and for the rest of the season.