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1) fly paper on the feeder and a bat.

2) take up falconry

3) pepper spray (this is a time you want the wind to your BACK)

All jokes aside, a light bow and super light arrows. An Aar/Pellet gun might be an alternative, if they are that much of a bother and it’s legal out where you are. This is a situation where it helps to hold a few before releasing just to judge what those little buggers are going to do. They make their “living” avoiding all sorts of animals, from below, above, etc, so you have to keep that in mind when you are out there. Oh, I forgot 4…

4) SOFT peanut butter with some fletch-tite mixed in. At least it’ll keep their mouths shut! 😆

Good luck with your problem. Soon as small game opens up around here, I think I actually want to try my hand (bow) at some. Them and rabbits too. Problem is, not too many places to go down by where I live. Be well.