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Yes yes, good info and ideas from all! arghhh, thems arrrre nasty little varments! I conected with one in the tree the other day. I smacked him through a small opening between two limbs at about 6 feet. He flew backwards out of the tree with the arrow, then to the ground, then ran away cursing at me. He went up another tree and I didn’t hear hide nor hair of him until the neighbor talked to me over the fence this morning and informed me their neighbor found a dead one in the yard and thought someone was poisening them. I analyzed the equation. My blunt had an aluminum insert in it and was just to darn light so I pulled it out and put in one of my 125 gr steel adaptors. I think I might wrap some wire around it to get the weight up. Wez need some kinetic energy here folks. Now if I could only get going on my heavy hex blunts to match my 300gr field points! I would like to see what my UEFOC setup will do when it connects. I was hoping to save the tail and tack it up on the garage and I hear the critters taste good glazed in honey bbq sauce, maybe stuffed with bacon wrapped jalapenos and onions:) I don’t think I will dig it out of the neighbors garbage can as the weather is warm and the meat ages to quickly this time of year.