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Meat pies sound like a good treat:) War is a bit of a strong word, but I gave these buggers ample warnings and patience over the last few years. Mamma squirel has raised litter on our bird feeders and taught her youngins where the easy pickins are. Now I have squirels all over! Mostly, I love to stalk elusive prey with a stick and string. I love trying to hit a very small and quick target. It all hones the skills for larger prey this fall. I have to sneak, I have to stalk, I have to think of wind and what I am walking on. I have to look at my background and make a good shot choice (i don’t want to thumb the neighbors siding with a heavy blunt). I get to come to full draw in awkward positions, and I have to pick a very small spot and let fly with a clean release. All good things:) While I write this very letter I am looking out the window and there is cotton tail munching grass not 10 feet away. Oooooh, cotton tails….:) That’s another story….

all well to my brothers of the bare bow!