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I grew up at the base of Glacier park in Montana and at 5 I had my first bow and my first gun at 7 (spent an entire summer mowing lawns to be able to buy it). We hunted to eat, along with a chickens and turkeys that we raised and a large garden that is what we had. We did not get Mcdonalds when I was a child, and I didn’t taste beef till I was almost 6. Having been all over this earth I find that everyone outside of the commercialized hunting scene have a spiritual connection to hunting and consuming animals. My better halve is Buddhist, and I hunt with Muslims. We all give thanks for the life of the animal but also everytime we consume the animal. We respct each others traditions and never take offence to how another says Thank you. Of all the years and hard miles I have traveled, I have come to find myself through hunting and the outdoors sharing food and life with the most wonderful people and for that I am eternally grateful.