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Larry O. Fischer
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The pronghorn here in Idaho watch me pack the truck, their eyesight is amazing. However a Doublebull blind well staked down, next to waterhole they frequent levels the playing field.

You still must move very slowly and watch backlighting yourself, but they seem to be oblivious to a blind that does not flap in the wind.

I also know several folks who use tripods at a waterhole, seems the antelope have not learned to look up.

Spot and stalk works as well, one must have the right terrain and a lope in the right spot for it all to come together. Most of us, spend too much time crawling when we should be looking and waiting for the right opportunity.

If you have ever watched a cat hunt he spends most of his time watching, then when everything looks right he plans his stalk and makes the kill.

Good luck and remember to pick a spot, low and forward, they have a tendency to drop down at the sound of the shot.