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Chris Shelton
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First off I would like to say that Dave you are one of my heros, and please DO NOT TAKE THIS THE WRONG WAY. because I respect the fact that you are making a living of our passion, like I someday hope to. But I also read your article under Campfire philosipher, I thought it was really insightful. But I just thought it was ironic that at the end your new book was advertized! I dont blame you or the magazine of anything, just reiterating, I think that it may not be neccesarily okay to kill animals and make money off it, but I definalty think it is okay to hunt and make money off experiences and storys and knowledge that just might have been experienced or taught while hunting. That is what traditional bowhunter magazine is making money off of, and what Dave is making money off of and basically every hunting show is making money off of. However some hunting shows just do it more tastefully than others.