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Chris Shelton
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alright much better.

Finding food is great, but I have found that when you are hunting 55000 acres and probalby half of that is oaks, and the other half pine, and they decide to drop at the same time, there is no way you can successfully hunt food. So I choose to hunt heavily used trails. I am talking when dirt is showing in the middle of a leaf storm, lol

What I do is either sit on heavy trail intersections or slowly move along them. Generally speaking there is usually another about 100 yards down and up the mountain from the one you are on. And almost all of the deer I see are down the hill from me. What I then do is get up ahead and either move down or if during the rut I will try to call

That is about all that I do, and with great success. I can find the deer, now all I need to master is getting in range. Gonna finish reading Ashbells Stalking and still hunting, and practice the methods of groundhogs and hopefully be ready for the fall season . . .