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Mark Turton
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Well, the one in my pocket is a little Alma S.L.B. folder, the one on my bench is a small Gerber, then there is the SOG under the arm rest in the truck, and the BRKT fixed blade in the rucksack behind the driver’s seat and a billhook in the back with an Opiniel saw.

And my Packpal with African buffalo bolsters and custom red pins on the bookshelf and a nice Nesmuk and a custom BF survival knife an old Bowie, an archers prick 1300’s pattern, Mauser folder and about another half dozen here and there.

And the one in my head that won’t go away.

Which one do I use most frequently Bark River Mini-North Star, holds a very keen edge, light and easy to use for all hunting and camping jobs, has even been used for splitting small logs with a batten, I reground the tip as it was too fine when new and polished the blade to make it easier to clean, it now has a custom sheath that I carry under my left arm.

Probably only need one knife, Mark. 😀