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As the only haole( white guy) you’ll ever meet that picked pineapples on Lanai( a miserable job!) as I took a hike in the rugged interior one day, coming around a cliff, there stood a pronghorn antelope! Could have knocked me over with a feather.
If you get bored with bowhunting you can always get a guide with dogs and go pig hunting- with a large bowie knife! Hear it’s quite exhilarating- if you survive unscathed or “untusked” as it were. As the Bard states, they will ” unzip you from your gaggle to your zatch”.
Have fun and good hunting-Aloha, Bert
P.S. You might want to take gander at Kingwouldbe’s excellent pics of his porkers- a BOWIE KNIFE? Are you CRAZY?! or just suicidal!!!!