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Nick D
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I am NOT rich ( retired school teacher ) but I love my glass and take up to a year to find what I want at my dollar level.
I have owned three good binos over the last 15 years. First I bought a pair of Pentax WBC 10X40. About $500 retail.
I love them, took them to Africa and used them on my first elk hunts. I actually traded a guy even for his Pentax 8X40’s just for the weight reduction. I loved these glasses but sold them to my son for a big reduced price. BECAUSE— I got a large Christmas gift ( $500 from my father-in-law ) and threw in another $500 of my own and bought the Holy Grail–10X42 Swarvoski’s. Wow. I have compared them against my hunting buddie’s Zeis in low light on a mountain in CO and I think mine are better. He thinks his are. Over a year ago I again found myself with some accumulated cash from a bow sale and starte to search for a lighter binocular of equal equality that I could hold more still while sitting in a tree stand here in Indiana or on the ground turkey hunting ( while holding them with one hand and bow in the other.) I found a guy on a message board that had a pair of Swarvoski’w 8X30 and he was asking $750. I waited him out as he began dropping the price. I got them for $450. I love my 10X40’s but for 90% of the hunting I do I can not imagine a better mid size bino than my Swarvoski 8X30’s.

I guess the moral of the story is ( as others have said ). Find what you want, have patience and search around and you can have it for under $500.
Sorry for the long ramble but I love my binos.