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Buckhorn73 wrote: I am not an expert or, for that matter, even very knowledgeable about binoculars, however, several years back I obtained a set of Ranging 5 x 30 camouflage binocs, which seem to be ideal for hunting our wooded areas. I’m not sure these are still made or available today but for $60.00 used, I was and am still quite impressed.

I remember seeing those Ranging binocs years ago, and I wish I had picked up a pair while they were still being made. That used to happen to me a lot, I still regret not getting a set of Bill Fratzke’s Winona camo when it was available too, but that’s a tpoic for another day {sigh}.

Anyway, most of the time I hunt in pretty thick stuff, so what I look for in a binocular is not necessarily high magnification, but clarity and low light capabilities. The Leupold Katmai 6×32 look like good ones for the money (I think you can find them for less then $350 on the internet). They are compact (but not too compact), light, and the ones I tried were bright and clear.

A couple of years ago I got some Minolta 7×35 roof prisms for around $120. I have been really pleased with these, they are pretty light for a roof prism, and work very good in low light conditions.