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David Becker
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TMS wrote: [quote=Wose]You are a step ahead of me with the Wheelie. I’ve never actually shot one. When I look at one though, I start getting this pain behind my eyes. I used to be kind of a gear head, but as I get older, I’ve developed this fondness for simple robust technologies.

Honestly, I don’t think you’re missing much not having shot a compound. I really didn’t like my experience at all (only 4 hours). The let-off was a very strange feeling.

I know what you mean about “simple technologies”. When I first started hunting as a teenager, I had a neato whiz-bang deer rifle. Then I moved to a shotgun my father gave me. Then I moved to a flintlock muzzleloader. And then the trad bow. I’m sticking with the flintlock and the bow. Just makes a day in the woods more fun, for lack of a better word. Both are very effective on game but they each make me concentrate on doing my part correctly.

I’ve been thinking quite a bit on “resilience vs efficiency” which a bunch of ecologists and economists find are inversely related. I’m falling more squarely in the resilient camp these days. Rifles are more efficient, but I can grow bows in my yard.

Forgot to mention I’m gonna grow bamboo in addition to Osage.