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David Becker
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eidsvolling wrote:

Am I gonna find Youtube video of you rolling an MLB as you cross the Bar?

At age 19, I was thirty minutes from signing my enlistment papers for the Coast Guard when my parents talked me out of it. About thirty years later, my wife (not knowing the history) looks at me and says, “You know what, you would have been good in the Coast Guard.”

I worked two GSDs as SAR dogs and started a Malinois as my third, but he’d been abused before I adopted him and he ended up being my companion dog. My wife prefers the Malinuts and now has a five month-old puppy. There is nothing like a GSD for temperament (and nothing like that statement to get the debate roiling here …)

“out past Yacolt” = “we really dislike crowds”, for those who don’t know. You’d need a SAR team just to find that town. +1

I did take a funky small boat ride at Cape D, but no rolls. I was never stationed there, but did some water survival training there. I’m glad I joined the Coast Guard, and I’m glad I got out before my daughter got too much older. It’s a tough life if you have a family.

My last GSD was an ill-advised rescue. He got bloat and gastric torsion on the way home from the rescue. I’ve driven cars that cost less than that surgery. We then discovered he had an esophogeal diverticulum, which is a fancy way of saying “the dog pukes if you don’t feed him really small meals through out the day.” He also had been poorly socialized and despite bonding really well with us had some really serious stranger anxiety and leash reactivity. I was making some headway on that when he collapsed and we found out he had lymphoma.

Despite all that, I really loved that dog.

Next time we are getting a puppy from a reputable breeder. I can’t take a ride like that again right now!