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You make a very interesting point about ethics. I know that’s not where the original post began, and I don’t want to go off topic, but I just wanted to comment on “Ethics” as (I feel) it relates to P&Y, Hill, Bear and the likes, versus “Ethics” today.

You mention distance. Was Hill’s 185 yard shot “Ethical”? Not for me. But it was for him. A big difference between today and back then is how people actually were able to “live” their hobbies. Hill is a great example. He took that shot because he KNEW he could (and did) make it. I don’t shoot beyond 20 yards. But I’m not Hill.

You mention the poison arrow. Not making a judgment, just wondering the reason behind the suggestion by Bear. It seems it was to not have a wounded animal suffering in the wild. Compare that with Uncle Ted (from the “Nugent, redux” post).

Again, great points. I have been “taking my bow for a walk” since I started hunting. So far, I have nothing to show for it except great memories, fresh air in my lungs and a workout to boot. Somehow, I just can’t consider all those times anything but total successes. And I didn’t even have to gut or clean anything 😆 .