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David Petersen
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Steve Sr. — (And we still need to hear about Steve Jr.) — You clearly have been blessed with a good life, reflected in your good ethics and attitudes, but I doubt better than you deserve! For myself, I want desperately to believe in karma as an active pysical force — when we do more good than harm in life, we are rewarded with good luck; and when we are jerks to others and the natural world, we are punished with bad luck. (Other terms for karma include “just desserts” and “the receiving end of the Golden Rule.” But alas, the proof is overwhelming that no such “law of the universe” is in action insofar as applying to everyone. Restricting this conversation to hunting, just look at all the “good luck” that comes to real s–theads! So at least karma, by any name or believe, doesn’t work to punish bad behavior. But on a very personal level, I believe in reaping what we sew, which helps to keep me on the straight and narrow. So far and we must hope always, you and most everyone else who’s bothering to “stand and deliver” on this uniquely positive website is on the good side of karma and the lucky side of life’s blessings. Happy holidays, all! (And I sure wish I had a hunting season left here in CO, rifle or otherwise … of course I wouldn’t carry a 10-pound rifle when I can tote my 1-pound Shrew!). Blessings, dave