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David Petersen
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“He’s since had the issue corrected.”

Just a reminder that Dr. Ashby has zero financial or other interests in the ABS Ashby broadhead, which is owned and marketed entirely by ABS. Brief history is that having done all they could to provide a head that meets all of Ashby’s recommendations coming from his many years of testing, ABS asked his permission to use his name on the head, by way of honoring him. Wanting to reward their efforts, he unfortunatgely agreed. It has since caused much confusion and is used by his critics to claim falsely that he’s in it for personal profit. Precisely the opposite: all these years Ed has conducted his studies at his own considerable expense, from love for the sport and a desire to reduce wounding loss. The Abowyer Brown Bear is an excellent head and even with the recent price increase is far cheaper than the Ashby. And the hardness is about right for my tastes. I am, at this point, banking on the forthcoming Werewolf from Eclipse, which will come in a variety of weights and promises to be the first affordable single-bevel that comes hunting sharp in the box. Thanks to Ashby and manufacturers who are paying attention, we now have a rich wealth of excellent heads to choose from. dp