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Troy Breeding wrote: [quote=Kingwouldbe]This boar had almost 3″ thick shield, my 60lb Centaur and 642 grain arrow only got about 10-11″ of penetration right in his heart.

I am 100% sure a 50lb bow with the same arrow would of been nothing more than a story about ‘I hit a big one, but lost it “

The light tackle crowd can go sale there stuff to some one who doesn’t know better.

BINGO!!!!! On that last statement!!!

Biggest hog I’ve taken was in the 200-250 range. Even though it was a sow it took two 700gr arrow from a 62# bow to stop it. One shot went to the nock and the other went thru both shoulders up to the fletch. Wish i had been shooting the arrows I now carry.


That’s why when Duncan asked about ” How much bow and arrow for hogs? ” I answered it the way that I did, it’s like saying; Scott Hamilton @ 5-foot-2½ and 108 pounds is just like Pierre-Paul, @ 6-foot-5, 270-pound are the same, hogs are the same way, HUGE deference’s.

Some are vary easy to kill, others are vary hard to kill.

I’m no expert, as I am only on the north side of 500 hog kills, I am always trying to improve my set up, it’s not that my set up has not proved it’s self, it’s just I refuse to get stuck in a closed mind set.

The beautiful thing about keep improving your set-up is, we don’t lose what we already have.

If all I ever wanted to kill was a eater hog, under a 100lb, I could use some vary light tackle, as long as I picked my shots accordingly.

Me, I’m looking for monsters, the biggest, nastiest, rankest boar I can find.

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