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Ben Maher
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Just thought I’d chime in hear as the obligatory Aussie should when the tpoic turns to Hog hunting . Round here you’d find that 45# and up is considered minimal with 50# being considered the starting point . I like 52# from my Hill style bows with 550-600gn arrows tipped with solid two blade broadheads [ my favourites in no particular oredr are Ribtek, Tusker, Ace , Stos and yes …Hill broadheads…
I think, as has been stated so very many times that shot placement has more to do with a quick dispatching than anything else. Keep ’em low and fowrad and you can’t go to far wrong. Even our bigger pigs here have been taken often with sub 50# Hills style bows good sharp broadheads and shot placement have bought about the demise of some great size pigs tucked away behind decent fighting shields .
would i shoot at a large hog with low poundage bows ? No, but only because I’m able to comfortably shoot mid 50’s# . If an injury or other circumstances meant i could only shoot these lower weights would that stop me hunting pigs …not in a million years!