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Chris Shelton
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desertdude49 wrote: Did you just say you saw someone shoot a hog with a pellet gun(air gun)? Did it bounce off? What does an Air gun have to do with Traditional Bowhunting?

yes I cant remember the name of the show, it is not on anymore, but it was the guy that is doing africas big 5 or something like that. It was a really close shot, they were using dogs, and .22 air rifles are just as powerful as 22lr, but without the bullet stability. It was basically hog hunting with a knife style but he just shot it instead. My point was that if someone crazy enough to hunt them with a airgun can do it, than a 40# bow would be sufficient, but I dont really care anymore, I hunt with a 55# curve anyway, and I know that it would be sufficient, I just think it is silly that you should what not shoot because you are hunting with a 55# bow and there is a 400# monster there?? Just seems weird