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Doc Nock
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Welcome to the fold, Solo.

As with any topic, on any site, I’m sure you’ll get varied responses.

While “minute of deer” accuracy is debatable, think of it this way.

If you aim for the heart lung region behind the leg…and you’re off 6″ toward the tail, you got liver and that deer will go a long way if pushed, but could lie down and die in a couple hours if undisturbed.

How good a tracker are you?

If you’re off 6″ to the front, you hit somewhere in no man’s land.

Pie plates are 9″ circles… and yea, that is a good kill shot, but if your best shots, standing flat footed on the ground are that varied, can you ever shoot with confidence?

If you drop your bow arm to see where you hit, that should could go anywhere.

Here’s another thought, instead of letting that bow “sit in the corner all season staring at you” if you got a few good resources on FORM and HOW to practice, by season’s end, you’d likely have her dialed in.

I say a resource, because being self taught, then later trying to improve form, I had to unlearn a lot of goofy habits.

“Picking a spot” is just that! If I’m off 2-3″ from the SPOT I picked, at 20 yards, that is my self imposed distance and I stick with it and of course, all nice shots come at 25. There are guys who can Consistently pick their shot / spot and HIT IT out to 30.

Form, practiced on a bale at 5 yards or steps, will reap you rewards when you start to shoot at “range” distances. One fine shot often told me, “If you try to improve by shooting at distance, you’ll never be more than mediocre”. He was a fan of the bale obviously and could SHOOT!

Read. Study. Practice the RIGHT WAY…and you’ll come to a point where you KNOW you can hit what you want at a given distance… then go forth and do! Don’t try to shoot too much bow… more “bad shooters” are born from being over-bowed! Good Luck!