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IF, I’m not mistaken, I could be, a certain percentage, 10%?, goes to non-residents. If you go on the DNR website, you will see they have various seasons for the areas. They will also have how many licenses will be alloted. Lets just say, you are going for the 1st season, in Baraga, with 180 permits being issued. That would be 1, possibly 2 going to a non resident. There is a reason, that there are ALOT of bears in Michigan. The same goes for wisconsin, where 8 to 10 years of applying is the norm.
BUT, all is not lost, start applying, someday it will happen. heck, I’m already making plans to hunt bears in the U.P. Of course , Ill have plenty of time as I will be retired. Lot of points (years) to go to by the way. CRASH87