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Arne Moe
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OK, Here are the preliminaries. The horse bow is 56″ strung and measured from string nock to string nock. 6.5″ brace height. It draws right at 55# at 28″ measured with an Easton hand held digital scale. Putting 2016 aluminum shafts (500 grain total weight) through the Chrono, I’m getting a very consistent 160 fps. This is with a finger release, shooting off the hand and no nocking point yet. I do not have a thumb ring, but it will be interesting to see how that works out when I can find one that fits (never shot one of those before so will be a learning experience too). I also do not know the material used in the string but it is an endless style string with huge loops to fit over the siahs(sp?).

That’s what I know for now.