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As a beginner I try to practice a lot, usually with jodos for stumping and field points for my bag targets stuffed with old billboard material and tarps.

When I throw in broadheads it must have created some anxiety. I think I expected them to fly differently and they did. So I decided just to shoot broadheads more until the ghost went away. I’ve eaten up a couple of foam targets and they are expensive. Having enough Scots blood in me and a couple of crumb snatchers in the house, I want to spend as little as possible and still get a good result.

Out of the recycling came a cardboard box. I loaded it with my favorite catalogs that get tossed before opened.. you know the ones..and duct taped it tight.

This thing cost me nothing besides the tape and a few minutes and stops the broadheads easily. Usually they don’t penetrate the entire head, depending on the density where they land. They pull out easy and don’t seem to do any damage whatsoever. I’ve dedicated one head for target practice, but it only takes a few strokes on a stone and strop to get it hunting sharp.

The downside is that it is not weather proof, so I bring it in when I’m done.

That’s my trash target.

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