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Chris Shelton
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Actually I think that you will find that alot of traditional archers are starting to do the couple second pause, even the IBO world champion Rick Welch teaches the pause at his school. Note that all archers are different. With that said, I do not pause because I believe that it kindof causes the archer to torque the bow more that if they would do just a fluent release, of course I think ever archer should practice it because it can be very helpful but then on the flip side so can a quicker release. All in all I have practiced it and it just seems like my muscles get tired(this was when I was practicing for spring turkey, But I was holding for at least 3 seconds and then I would practice for 1 second holds) And I would torque the bow causeing the arrow to go off its mark. So basically if I had the choice I would just release the arrow as soon as my finger touched the corner of my mouth!