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David Petersen
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Yep that’s a great little video. Best part is how he explains that while the materials have changed–in this example, fiberglass replaces water buffalo horn and epoxy replaces fish bladder glue and sinew, the physical principles are the same and thus modern glass-backed recurves and lonbows indeed are traditional insfar as the designs are ancient.

I like this guy in everything I’ve seen him in. He’s consistently a participatory historian–doesn’t just describe history but reenacts it. He’s a good horse archer, in particular.

The Sioux bow in the museum is short and just what we’d expect for a horse bow. But if those arrows go with that bow, why are they so very long, especially considering how much more difficult it would have been to find longer straight arrow wood and get and keep it straight. Makes me wonder if a working concept of FOC was at play even then?