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Dave asked me to pass this on to you all about real FOC.

Some years ago I used to launch 40mm darts about a meter long weighing about 20lbs. from a 120mm tank cannon. These were fin stabilized discarding sabots. Moving at over 1500m/sec- at 3000m they penetrated the front glaces armor plate of a T-72 and exited through the engine–taking all with it and making pyrotechnics in an awesome display. The head was depleted uranium with a ball bearing cone that ensured no ricochet.

Some years later I learned that this round was 40%+ weight forward of center.

So back into trad bows after 42 years and I am shooting 18.33% foc. Should be sufficient for whitetail. Trust me I will be a lot heavier up front next year.

Semper Fi