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David Petersen
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Welcome Crusader! For my 2 scents, the U.S. outlet you’re looking for is Bob Burton, of Whispering Wind Arrows in MT. http://www.whisperingwindarrows.com/ A couple of years ago I ordered a dozen footed hex pine shafts from Bob and they are excellent shooters — straight and strong and heavy. Consequent to their weight, even with weighted footing you can’t get above mid-teens FOC with them. So for folks who want a good quality heavy shaft and no concern about FOC, they are worth checking out. For my own needs in wood shafts I prefer Surewood Doug fir, which I get from Dave Doran at Archery Past http://www.archery-past.net/. These I believe are a good first step up from P.O. cedars for those who’ve never shot anything else and want to try somdething new. They are light, so good FOC is attainable, yet in my experience stronger and straighter than POC. One of many nice things about buying from Dave is that he will sell single shafts so you can test and compare before obligating. He will also take as long as necessary on the phone to try and educate and help us. This year I’ll be hunting elk with Surewood shafts capped with short sections of aluminum shaft external footing in order to convert them for screw-in points and maximize FOC. dp