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Doc Nock
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I surely wouldn’t want to denigrate any vendor, but you punched a huge memory button with your post!

It had to be 20+++ yrs ago that I bought some of Allegheny Mountain arrow woods…ASH like you…

It’s where I came up with my handle, Doc Nock. There was so much run out in the grain, I fussed for weeks to straighten them miserable buggars. Oven, gas grill… but only could do one end at a time as they were longer than either of my heat sources.

I also tried to BBL taper some… OMG…what a fiasco…that was when the run-out grain really showed.

Since I’ve learned, that ash grows like Osage in many ways… but… if you want straight grain, you cut to follow the grain. More waste, but better shafts!

There was a chap there from NEW ENGLAND with his own shafts. He got forced by Mike Sr. to LEAVE cause Mike was big investor/owner in AMWoods and didn’t want the competition. He sold his stuff out of his trunk and they were wonderful, straight grained ash…they can be found!

Those ash lasted a while… but so did RRA standing fire killed Cedar that were very heavy… mine were almost 600 gr. on some raw shaft! 😯 Alas, RRA is gone.

Good luck! They are contrary wood shafts. But can be forced into submission with lots of work… I’ll never do that again!