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Chad Sivertsen
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Robin, Thanks for posting that, it was long and thought you should look at it first.

This info was created by a customer of mine when I had the Helle distributorship. Darn, I can’t remember his name but will try to find it and give him credit. He also built fine bows and was kind and generous with his information.

Be careful Helle blades are scary sharp. These are good instructions and should tell you everything you need to know to put a handle on a knife. They can be one piece of wood or as elaborate as your imagination wants to make it. I use a variety of exotic and local woods with antler or horn. Note that some fruit trees have interesting and colorful wood. I trimmed some plum trees last year and the heartwood is milk chocolate color with nice grain. I have a bow roughed out from it too.

Also note that you do not have to do it exactly like the info here. These instructions can be modified to fit your tool or material supply, for instance not everyone has a drill press or scraps of exotic wood laying around.

I see Jason is sticking with his story of two bull moose without sharpening his Polar. I believe it now but would have been very skeptical if I was not familiar with Helle blades.

Fattony77, sorry I addressed you as Fatty. I will blame Elkheart for that, we both forgot our reading glasses that day.

Have fun,