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Jason Wesbrock
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shosier wrote: The other issue I wonder about is this FOC. TJ discusses the desired FOC formula in his book and these heavy tip arrows don’t seem to match the formula quite right. How important is FOC to you guys that have been shooting a long time? Does it make a big difference in arrow performance?

Up until a few months ago, I hadn’t measured FOC on one of my arrows in close to 20 years. I was discussing moose hunting with someone and they asked about the specs of the arrow I shot through my bull. Since these were of the same basic arrow configuration I’d been using since 2001, I became curious and did some calculations. If memory serves, they weigh within a few grains of 500 (about 9gpp on my normal hunting bows), and with 20-grain Flightmate adapters and 125-grain heads, their FOC is somewhere around 12%.

To answer your original question: FOC is not of much importance to me. But if I were to hunt something larger and tougher than elk or moose, I may rethink that opinion.