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David Petersen wrote: There are two basic elements that control how easily, or if, a tip will curl and/or break: One is steel hardness and I personally won’t shoot anything under Rockwell 50. The second does have to do with weight, if only indirectly, and that is steel thickness at the tip. You can only have so much steel and hold the weight to 125. Thus, the heavier the head, the thicker the steel can be and usually is at the tip, especially if the head is long and narrow, as per Dr. Ashby’s advice. While Eclipse steel is usually in the high 40s (unless Blake has upped it since I visited his one-man factory), their two-blades are reinforced at the tip and also have a rather wide tip, which provides more strength. I also love STOS heads and have killed several elk with the 160 without ever a failure. dp

heres something to add Dave, i was thinking about getting a 145 gr head w/ an aluminum adapter (30 gr) which will make it 175, is this small increase gonna make any difference as far as strength to tip?