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If you like what you see at this shoot, then be sure to get on the list for a campsite. The sites are all reserved. When someone gives up their site the first guy on the list gets a chance for it if he likes it. I’ve been going about 5 years now, the club always does a great job running things and the food is good and priced fairly. I’ve gotten away from being a picture taker so I don’t have anything to share.

If you have an extra day up there Darrien Lake Amusement Park is close to the state park, nice place if you are into that stuff.

When at the shoot be looking for Mercer County Bowbenders shirts. That is a trad group back in Mercer county Pa. that has members from the western side of the state, most of us all camp in the same area at the top of the hill.

I hope you enjoy yourself, have fun….Nick