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Well Dave, I hope you caught something 😀 !

Steve, you are in my neck of the NJ woods my friend…In fact Pyramid Mountain is my second choice for my son and I to pull permit for deer management program operated by Morris County Park system. I’m fortunate enough to have approx 400 acres in various pieces of private land to hunt here in NJ (unheard of I know…I’m VERY fortunate) but trying to do our part as part of the county management plan. Want my son to understand the entire cycle of what the whitetail is, and what has become here in NJ…Hunters have gotten SOME encouraging stats of late (put aside how indivuals feel about managemenbt and some of the various “hunting” orgs) – here in NJ bowhunters particularly have made enormous inroads in supplanting the hired killers (under the guise of deer Management Companies who simply come in, bait and shoot as many as possible with, often, silenced firearms) through municipalities/ county parks etc allowing bowhunters to come in and help reduce numbers. We take the meat, or donate depending on each hunters situation, as well as all trophy parts etc….

Anyway Steve, that’s what I’m doing at Pyramid Mountain. I live in Morris County (Plains actually) and hunt routinely the Denville/Chester/Newton overall areas. Anytime you’d like to join, shoot me a pm and we’ll get together…Good thing about NJ hunting, the deer numbers are such that if you hunt all legal weapons (bow,MZ,Shotgun) you literally could take up to 2 antlerless deer, per day from this Sat through Feb 11 2012….Grab a license and drop me a note my friend! 😀