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David Petersen
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Rogue — I tried footed shafts early in my quest for an EFOC wood arrow, and you’re right that the heavier footings added very little weight up front. To the contrary, the shafts were so heavy that even normal FOC was nearly impossible. So, for a strong, heavy shaft that resists breaking behind the point, footing works great. For high FOC it’s counterproductive. I would be OK with that if I shot 70 pound bows that could move really heavy arrows at a decent speed, but I don’t. So my quest continues for the lightest possible arrow over 650 grains with max FOC. The Sitka spruce shafts offered graat hope with 85# spine and just 400 grains bare shafts, providing total arrow weight just over 700, good speed and trajectory, fantastic accuracy and 23%+ FOC. But the head weight and length (lever arm) apparently is too much for the shafts. So while I feel forced to return to carbons for my elk arrows, I’ll keep playing with woods, sleeves, etc. with unending hope.