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David Petersen
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Steve — I fully agree and that’s a primary reason I haven’t been happy with my previous adventures in using aluminum shafting for external footing — it just ruins the whole aesthetics of shooting woods. Which kind of brings us full circle to the increasingly undeniable reality that those of us who hunt really big, tough animals like elk and moose can either continue using our old-favorite gear and set-ups and hope for the best (and I am yet to meet or even hear of a bowhunter who can consistently shoot between the ribs or tuck one in tight for a heart shot and not occasionally hit a bone) … or we can prepare for heavy bone hits, broadheads skipping on bone, etc. with the strongest arrows and broadheads available. I may be to the point of hunting elk with carbons henceforth while using woods for deer etc. But at least more of us are thinking without blinders on and talking openly about these things rather than bunkering-down in defense of our personal old favorites. Obviously, I have too much time on my hands this morning. I’d best go wash the dishes. 😛