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David Petersen wrote: I have aluminum shafts to fit 11/32. Does anyone know what size, if any, fits snugly over 23/64?

On moving the breaking point back … yes, you are likely correct and I’ve talked to arrowsmiths who make footed shafts and they say the same thing. And here is where we could use Ed Ashby or Todd or another of our mathmeticians and engineers (Dunc?) — since the stress translated by the head, say from a glancing heavy bone strike, is spread along say 4″ of external sleeve on an aluminum-sleeved shaft, would it not be notably less at the back of the sleeve than it is right behind the head on a standard wood shaft?

Meanwhile, I went ahead and coated three expendable shafts with Smooth-On for a length of 4″ behind the head. We’ll see if we can break them, and where.

And one more idea I’d appreciate your feedback on: I have on several occasions successfully repaired cracked selfbows by wrapping the area tightly with heavy thread then coating it with glue or Smooth-On. I think it’s worth a try on arrows, but that’s a lot of wrapping to get it back 4″. Still, if it worked, it’s a heck of a lot more traditional looking than an alum sleeve.

I was going to suggest this David. I know a guy who uses fiber mesh drywall tape as a backing for home made bow limbs. He sets it with tight bond glue. I think it might be worth a try on an arrow shaft. It is basically fiber glass mesh so I can’t see why it wouldn’t work well with the right glue or epoxy resin.